Whether you run a club, a pub, a disco, or are you organizing an outdoor event such as a music festival or municipal or patronal celebrations, The Gloves may be the right choice to entertain your audience.
Funny, sometimes almost irreverent thanks to their irony and their costumes, The Gloves band will be able to better manage the show to leave a strong, indelible memory of the band that made everyone laugh and dance; with the eight-piece “Dancing Orchestra”, one of the most numerous and colorful bands available for public events, you can create an evening that your customers will remember for a long time … and they will immediately ask you: “when you call them to play again?”

SuperShow package

the best package to create a mega EXPLOSIVE evening!

Background waiting music
Eight-piece Orchestra with complete wind section
Original costumes based on the theme of the evening
Event conduction
JBL Professional Audio Service (for indoor only)
Professional Lights and Effects Service (for indoor only)
 DJ  happy/trash music
 DJ  dance chart/house music
 Event Promotion via social ads with specific targeting 

Paparazzi Package

The Paparazzi package is the optional photo shoot that support every party we have the pleasure of participating.

Photo Gallery