For private events of any kind, the presence of a live orchestra can be decisive; birthday parties, graduation parties, inaugurations, baptisms, communions and confirmations, every occasion can turn into a fun and danceable day.
The eight-piece “Dancing Orchestra” is ready to help you create an unforgettable, engaging and festive reception, with the full orchestra’s scenic impact and all the DJ’s entertainment and dance choreography; the orchestra won’t limit itself to playing, but it will create the appropriate entertaniment to make sure that all the guests are surprised and amused, keeping a cheerful and colorful memory of your event.
The package offers entertainment with background music from the first moments of welcoming guests until the end of the party (deadline max 02.30am).

Party Package

the perfect service for anyone who wants to make his party unforgettable.

Background waiting music during the dinner
Five-piece band playing soft music during the final part of the dinner
Eight-piece orchestra with complete wind section for after dinner grand party
2 DJs specialized in different musical genres (Happy and Dance)
Choreographies on stage and dancefloor entertainment
JBL Professional audio service 
Professional Lights and Effects service 
Video projector, screen, sound system and PC for video projection (optional) 

Paparazzi Package

The Paparazzi package is the optional photo shoot that support every party we have the pleasure of participating.

Photo Gallery