Paparazzi Pack

The Paparazzi package is the optional photo service that supports every party we have the pleasure of participating.
The project was born to offer a photo coverage during the final party, after the cutting of the cake until late night, in which often the official wedding photographers have no chance to shoot because of the forwarded time; in most cases, the official photographers take pictures until the cutting of cake or until the beginning of the party, leaving the event when his work, begun many hours before, is complete.

Thanks to our package, created in collaboration with a photographer specialized in party shots during and equipped with the best stuff specific for dark environments and shots in motion, we will be able to remember the best moments of our party together, the most fun and crazy photos of all day!
All the photos with our logo in the corner are produced by our photographer Ignazio Romiti; knowing perfectly the performance of the show and the interactions we have with the guests, Ignazio will be able to create fantastic memories of the party like no other photographer could ever do, all at an extremely low cost.
So do not worry about asking your photographer to stay longer after cutting the cake… we’ll take care of the party!