About us

Formed in 2001, as a bunch of young boys, with dreams of playing good cover music around the clubs of Rome, The Gloves were born. Over the past years, and after many shows performed all over Italy, we’ve grown and adapted ourselves by treasuring and channelling all the experiences that over a thousand live concerts have given us. We have always believed that having fun, and consequently entertaining the public, was the key to the success of our unique musical project, and for almost twenty years our exhibitions have revolved around this philosophy. Have fun and give fun.

After all these years of living and learning we have become a highly professional outfit, equipped with the best audio and lighting equipment, and we have embraced the true meaning of entertainment, boasting hundreds of customers, spouses, companies even public offices who have entrusted us for ensuring the success of their most important das and events.

We’re also proud to be the ONLY Italian events band in official partnership with the Yamaha Group